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Table 3 Definition of variables and a priori expectations for treatment effect model

From: Promoting ecosystem-friendly irrigation farm management practices for sustainable livelihoods in Africa: the Ghanaian experience

Variable Variable definition Units of measurement Expected sign
ALSS Average livelihood status score Index of livelihood indicators  
Age Age Years +/−
Sex Sex Dummy (1 = female, 0 = male) +/−
Educ.d Education Dummy (1 = had formal education (JHS and above), 0 = otherwise) +
HH.size Household size Number of people in household +
F.size Irrigable farm size Acres +
Remittances Remittances Ghana cedi + Off-fm income Ghana cedi +
Irrig_type Category of irrigation Dummy (1 = CIS, 0 = GIS) +/−
  1. Source: Authors’ construct, 2016