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Table 2 Background characteristics of the household heads by gender

From: Coping with food and nutrition insecurity in Zimbabwe: does household head gender matter?

VariableFemale [F]Male [M]Difference [FM]
Age [Years]51.07846.7254.353***
Marital status
 Married living together0.1850.897− 0.712***
 Married living apart0.1420.0350.107***
 Never married0.0350.0230.012***
Level of education
 No education0.1970.0930.104***
 Primary level0.3690.2740.095***
 ZJC0.1930.200− 0.007**
 O’ level0.1730.289− 0.116***
 A’ level0.0490.101− 0.053***
 Diploma/certificate after primary0.0050.011− 0.005***
 Diploma/certificate after secondary0.0110.023− 0.012***
 Graduate/post-graduate0.0030.009− 0.006***
  1. Notes: The fourth column shows the results of two-tailed t-test for the difference in the means
  2. ***, **, and * indicate the 1, 5, and 10% levels of significance