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Table 4 Food security by gender of the household head

From: Coping with food and nutrition insecurity in Zimbabwe: does household head gender matter?

VariableFemale [F]Male [M]Difference [FM]
Hunger score0.5250.4740.051***
Poor food consumption score0.2020.1690.033***
Never consumes minerals0.3570.3430.015***
Never consumes proteins0.1980.1540.044***
Never consumes iron0.4450.3760.068***
Consumption coping strategy index22.06620.5581.508***
Livelihoods coping strategy index0.5210.578− 0.057***
  1. Notes: The fourth column shows the results of two-tailed t-test for the difference in the means
  2. ***, **, and * indicate the 1, 5, and 10% levels of significance