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Table 5 Linear estimation of association between gender equality in decision-making and dietary diversity indicators

From: Women in household decision-making and implications for dietary quality in Bhutan

VariablesCoefficientRobust SECoefficientRobust SE
Head age [years]− 0.0130.026− 0.0040.009
Member with highest education [years]0.0440.0760.0100.028
Household size0.676**0.3100.206*0.107
Dependency ratio− 2.4171.791− 1.124*0.669
Farm size [log]− 0.2510.422− 0.0670.123
Production diversity0.2120.1590.168***0.055
Distance to the nearest farm road [min]− 0.045*0.026− 0.0090.011
Soil quality2.679***0.5430.462**0.197
Observations213 213 
Adjusted R squared0.249 0.381 
  1. Estimations include location dummies to control for Gewog level characteristics. Source: Authors’ estimation
  2. ***p < 0.01, **p < 0.05, *p < 0.1