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Table 4 Relationship between CAP objectives and measures of wine policy (2014–2020)

From: EU wine policy in the framework of the CAP: post-2020 challenges

  CAP’s objectives (2014–2020)
  Viable food production Sustainable management of natural resources Balanced territorial development
Single CMO (Reg. 1308/2013)    
a - measures of support: NSPs    
 Promotion X   
 Restructuring and conversion of vineyards X X  
 Green harvesting X   
 Mutual funds X   
 Harvest insurance X   
 Investments X X  
 Innovation in the wine sector X X  
 By-product distillation X X  
b - regulatory measures    
 Oenological practices and rules about viticulture X   
 PDO and PGI X   
 Labelling (varietal wines) X   
 PO and interbranch org. X X  
 Declarations and communications X   
c - scheme of authorisations for vine planting X X X
Direct payments (Reg. 1307/2013) X X X
Rural development measures (Reg. 1305/2013) X X X
  1. Source: our elaborations