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Special collection: "SIDEA 2017"

DuringNew Content Item (1) 13 through 16 September of 2017, SIDEA's annual conference was held jointly with the Italian Society of Agribusiness (SIEA) in the southern Italian city of Bisceglie, on the Adriatric Sea, and in Trani, the neighboring town to the north. 

The theme was Strategie cooperative e creazione del valore in una filiera alimentare sostenibile, translated to "Cooperative strategies and value creation in a sustainable food supply chain." 

 Among the numerous research works in progress presented during the conference, several received the distinction of being among the "best" papers. Their authors were invited to submit to Agricultural and Food Economics. After multiple rounds of blinded peer review, the papers in this special collection were ultimately accepted for publication in the journal. Together, they comprise the SIDEA 2017 special collection.

Multi-actor approaches to implement cooperative strategies and value chains based on sustainability
By Caterina Contini, Giuseppe Marotta, and Biancamaria Torquati
Agricultural and Food Economics volume 8, Article number: 7 (2020)
Published 31 January 2020 

Consumer stated preferences for dairy products with carbon footprint labels in Italy
By Maurizio Canavari and Silvia Coderoni 
Agricultural and Food Economics volume 8, Article number: 4 (2020) 
Published 7 January 2020

A combined framework for the life cycle assessment and costing of food waste prevention and valorization: an application to school canteens
By Fabio De Menna, Jennifer Davis, Karin Östergren, Nicole Unger, Marion Loubiere, and Matteo Vittuari 
Agricultural and Food Economics volume 8, Article number: 2 (2020)
Published 7 January 2020

Integrated Supply Chain Projects and multifunctional local development: the creation of a Perfume Valley in Tuscany
By Silvia Scaramuzzi, Giovanni Belletti, and Paola Biagioni 
Agricultural and Food Economics volume 8, Article number: 5 (2020) 
Published 21 January 2020

Exploring institutional arrangements for local fish product labelling in Tuscany (Italy): a convention theory perspective
By Paolo Prosperi, Daniele Vergamini, and Fabio Bartolini 
Agricultural and Food Economics volume 8, Article number: 6 (2020) 
Published 30 January 2020

This collection was Guest-Edited by Caterina Contini, Biancamaria Torquati, and Giuseppe Marotta.