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  1. International rice markets are seen as volatile due to the thin nature of the market which is believed to be exacerbated by a low level of substitution between major rice export markets. In other words, this p...

    Authors: Adam John
    Citation: Agricultural and Food Economics 2014 2:1
  2. In this paper, we review published studies to assess the influence of time preferences on human health behaviour. Our review indicates that elicited discount rates for health have been found to be higher than ...

    Authors: Lydia Lawless, Andreas C Drichoutis and Rodolfo M Nayga Jr
    Citation: Agricultural and Food Economics 2013 1:17
  3. The importance of rice in food security and livelihoods of Nepalese people is well recognized but the seed supply system of this crop in the rural areas is poorly developed. To increase farmers’ access to a wi...

    Authors: Narayan P Khanal and Keshav L Maharjan
    Citation: Agricultural and Food Economics 2013 2:14
  4. This study examined smallholder farmers' level of perception about climate change, source of information on climate change, types of adaptation strategies, factors influencing adaptation choices and barriers t...

    Authors: Yibekal A Tessema, Chanyalew S Aweke and Getachew S Endris
    Citation: Agricultural and Food Economics 2013 1:13
  5. In this study, we estimated the influence of different meat prices, socio-demographic and geographic variables on sheep and goat meat demand using the Swiss household expenditure survey from 2000 to 2005, a mi...

    Authors: Matteo Aepli and Robert Finger
    Citation: Agricultural and Food Economics 2013 1:11
  6. This paper discusses the qualitative impact of a grazing/herding management program on the profitability of Small Ruminant (SR) herds near the protected area of the Royal Botanic Garden (RBG) in Tell Ar-Rumman...

    Authors: Khalid M Al-Khalidi, Amani A Alassaf, Mustafa F Al-Shudiefat and Raed J Al-Tabini
    Citation: Agricultural and Food Economics 2013 1:8
  7. A window of opportunity to promote organic farming is open for the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) that joined the EU in 2004. The development of organic farming has the potential to decrease the...

    Authors: Markus Larsson, Louise Morin, Thomas Hahn and Johanna Sandahl
    Citation: Agricultural and Food Economics 2013 1:5
  8. International companies take part in many tenders for agro-industrial projects in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern European countries. The market for these projects is analyzed and found to b...

    Authors: Gregory Yom Din
    Citation: Agricultural and Food Economics 2013 1:3